Almost 1 2 ........3!

Hello lovely friends stopping in today.
Hope your day is coming along awesome. 
Anyone else has the 3year old B l U e S...!?!?!?!?
I DO! My 2 going on 3year old daughter is SUCH a character.
Absolutely NOTHING like my son. She's fierce, bossy, such a little wrestler 
for a girl, and has an opinion like nobodies business.. {Nothing like ME! YUP!}
Opinionated To The M A X! 
............But I love every bit of it! 

 Filled With SASS, Class & So much Vogue in style.
..................I claim that ....heeeheeeee! 

Considerate, Loving & The Sweetest Sister Ever .....
...........She's a little wrestler at heart! #sideeye

 I can't belive how much time is flying....
...........This little miss will be T H R E E in less than a month! {Tears}

I got the '3" blues.. I cry every time a child gets a year older!
It's truly bitter sweet.. I feel blessed to have such a spunky fun daughter.
BUT, I hope when she's about 18 or thereafter, we still get to have tea time,
and play around a bit like we do now.. I'm sure going to miss it. 
"Take a moment to enjoy the little things in your life today"
............They grow all too fast... 
Wishing you a beautiful day...
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday ~ Giveaway + New Additions..

Happy Happy New Year Friends!
Welcome To Another Beautiful Day Of 
Pin'Inspirational Thursdays
Create, Share, Inspire {With Jane}
We thought as your hosts each week that we would start the new year off with a bang!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
It's my (Jane) pleasure to get to introduce it all to you.
This party started with the gorgeous Marilyn who then invited me.
We both fell in love with the amazing Micki and decided to expand
starting today with the most awesome Christine.
Christine originally hails from Canada but after marrying her Brit husband they have now
settled with their two little ones in Florida. 'Cook the Story' is a fabulous blog where
you can learn to cook something totally delicious, be completly entertained,.
get caught up with a true political junkie AND view some of the rockingest video
chats EVER. She's an all-round good egg......Can you see why we adore her?
As of today, when you join up one of your lovely projects at one of our blogs you get
to have it viewed on all four. Yay! We'll be having our regular features again
starting next week and can hardly WAIT to see what you've created. To make things
even better though we have four giveaways in the next four weeks. This week is
mine and you won't be surprised that I'm giving away a....cookbook!
A lovely one that I use often and now you can too.
What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Pieces
Even if you don't cook, you'll love to read this book from cover to cover.
Katie is funny and her pictures are stunning-something I am desperately
trying to improve upon. Maybe that will be my resolution.
So, how can you win Jane's cook book!??
Lots of ways and each gets you an entry.
Please leave a comment for EACH entry;
1) Follow me (Jane's Adventuresindinner) through linky followers (mandatory).
2) Follow my fellow peeps through linky followers.
3) Follow myself or my fellow hosts through; pinterest, twitter, facebook or instagram.
Essentially we would love you to stalk us (just kidding).
Remember to add a comment for each method that you've chosen.
Don't worry about having to comment on all of our blogs (that would be silly).
We'll all be chatting back and forth to make sure you are including as many times as possible.
And now onto your talents, what have you been up to?
Happy, happy DAY!
Need a reminder about the party 411?!?.
1) link as many projects as you'd like
2) visit lots of other folks (everyone likes company) and show them some bloggy love

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New Goals & Photography...

Hello lovely 
friends stopping in.. 
Hope your week is off to an amazing start.. I am not one 
for resolutions, but this year, I'm starting a bit of a trend.
Marking off my to-do lists gradually at my own pace, and spending time 
reflecting, indulging in the chaos that is my home and putting 
more into the things I love the most. 
More photography
I really want to spend more time getting better at photography.
I finally opened up a little space of my own to feature more of my work,
and allow for me to spend time enjoying it more than just a hobby. My website is 
almost done as well. You can find more of my work via my facebook page FB 
- Jolie Lune Photograhy ; or my new site SITE . I've been floored by the amount 
of positive reviews I've gotten so far and the immense amount of great support 
and fun throughout this new venture.. I look forward to sharing more
of what I shoot all year round with you all.. 
Snippets From A Patriotic Shoot I Did This Past Weekend
A Soldiers Love Story
....Will be featured via Let Them Eat Cake This January. 
My cousin embodies everything that is the army. His love for serving, patriotism and 
being able to live his passion is soooo admirable. I fell in love with this shoot 
and had SO much fun capturing thier love through this engagement series. 
You can see much more about thier story this January 18th.. 
All That He Believes In
 living a patriotic dream
New Fun Blog Activities
Stay tuned for some fun blog challenges, activities and new link's to follow 
this year as well. My FAVcoming up next week will be "The Best Of Me" ~
Tales from behind the blog.. " An in-depth look at who we are as blogger's, 
our purpose, the 'us' masked away, and what we know best & want to share.. 
For the next few weeks, Pin'Inspirational Thursday's will feature
giveaway and challenges.. Be sure to stop in every Thursday and link,
share and indulge in so much creativity and snag a 
chance at wining something AMAZING!!
I've embarked upon an eating journey! One to not only loose a little weight, 
but challenge myself into preserving and taking better care of my body as I 
head into this "old age thing".. lol.. Join me as I share fun healthy recipes, tips 
and much more towards a better year of health.. I'd LOVE your opinions, 
tips and tricks as we all take on this ever lasting struggle.. 
I am very excited to be back, and look forward to sharing so much more with 
you this year. I hope you are ready for a fun year of tutorial's, life as 
I know it and much life from behind my lens.. 
Thanks SO much for stopping in today!
Wishing YOU a beautiful day...xoxox
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Happy New Year & A Lil Break!!!

New Year Sweet Friends
Hope your year has been off to an amazing start so far..
I've been soaking in a lot of family time lately and trying to 
put lots of little things that make ME up into perspective, hence, I've
been away and not so focused on my blog lately. I sincerely apologize.
A Year Filed With 
.......Lots Of Simplicity!.......
This year, I plan to really get back to basics with blogging.
I miss my friends, indulging in new things and keeping them up, strolling around 
and enjoying my bloggy community much more than over the last year. Meaning?!
You all will see much more of me around YOUR space. With my schedule last year, 
I really missed out on the many little reasons I loved to blog. My friends, catching up, 
reading and indulging in your posts, sharing more of my life and the fun happenings 
around here, and most of all, getting to tell you all how much I really sincerely 
appreciate our friendships.. I am very excited about the year to come and look
forward to so much in store with YOU.. Hope your start has been amazing!!!
I'll be back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans this Wednesday and
hope you all stick along for the '2013' ride... Cheers to you all..
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