Revisit ~ Strawberry Sweethearts....{Valentine Shakes}

Good evening friends stopping in this lovely SNOWY day. 
Hope everyone is staying warm and fuzzy in doors, as in my case :)). 
This awesome shake totally hit the SPOT! Cozy, Warm & Yummy!
Strawberry Sweetheart Shakes
Speaking of warm and fuzzy, the kids spent a lot of time out today playing 
and shoveling SNOW. T'was a lot of fun and they did such an amazing job that
I had to reward them with something amazing, warm and soothing.. What I made?
Some strawberry sweetheart shakes. YUM.. These treats where GONE in minutes!!
Here's how to cozy up with some of your very own... Amazingly awesome!!
Artsy Ingredients Needed
4 Tablespoons butter
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 Pint Strawberry Ice Cream
4 Cups Water
Whipped Cream
1 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips
Red Sprinkles 
Chocolate Hershey Hearts 
*LeTS ShAKe It UP!*
To begin, melt your chocolate chips and dip the top of your mugs or serving cups
into it. Cover the rims by dipping and set aside to harden.
In a medium pot, whisk together the butter, ice cream, sugar and set on medium high heat
until it's all melted while whisking together lightly. When mixture is melted together, 
carefully whisk in your cups of water ONE at a time until you get to your desired texture. 
You might not need all four cups, it's solely up to you how thick you want your shake. 
Continue to heat until mixture steam's for a minute and it's ready. 
Pour your shake into your chocolate rimmed mugs, garnish with whipping cream, 
sprinkles and your chocoalte hershey hearts.. Serve warm or place in fridge to 
cool for cold shakes! Your kitchen should smell heavenly awesome right now!
Mine still does.. YUM! These shakes can serve as a quick fix Valentine sweet
warming delights for your little ones, mine surely enjoyed every drop..Me Too!
Yuuummmy... ....xoxoxoxo!.......~Marilyn
Thanks SO much for sharing in this amazing little treat today.
Wishing you a warm and amazing weekend.. 
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Pin'Inspirational Thursday ~ Link & Party!!

Happy Thursday Friends.. 
It's the week before Valentines' Day and I love all the inspiration 
that I've been getting from all of you and my awesome fellow hostesses.

Jane's Adventures in Dinner

How about Marilyn's, she's unbelievably talented all 
the time but this is one of my favourites ever.
and Christine's Superbowl extravaganza
& I made two recipes from this post alone. FABULOUS!
These are homemade soft pretzels made from bough pizza dough. With them is a mustard dipping sauce made of dijon mustard, strawberry jam and sriracha.
How about your fabulousness?
We had a lot of trouble deciding on three features this week.
Honestly, there could have been 100.

*~ Last week's features we loved ~*

Ode to Inspiration's 
chocolate dipped spoons. Great present for a class.
Valentine's Chocolate Dipped Spoon

I totally fell in love with Half-Baked Harvest's Brownie Cupcakes
and did you also wish you had started a Valentine Countdown like
  Just us Four did-next year it is C:
What fun it is each week to check out everything that you've creat. Just gorgeous.

Create, Share & Inspire Us All 

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Turning 3... Spa Birthday & Giggles

I have the blues,
the funnies and
the happies today!
For it's a very special and heart
melting moment within our home.
a little spunky,
voicetrous, beautiful beyond
words, & darling daughter
of mine is 1 2 3 today
(well Saturday, but i'm just sharing today)
.girls, giggles & pampering.
a little pea turned 3 today

We set up & turned our home into a lovely day spa
with lots of champagne bubbles & sparkling juices

Reflections Of Pretty Faces & Shiny Things

We had lots of fun treats & got really pampered

I got to wish my little heart away & mommy
& daddy helped blow out those tricky little candles.
Oh What A Fun Day Of Prettying Up With My Girls
It truly was a fantastic birthday to
get spoiled & enjoy my day..
We truly had a blast. Almost everything seen within
these photo's where purchased per the dollar store
and some trinkets per Michale's dollar bins..
I saved a ton & got to have an
amazing time while at it.

Frugal parties are always THE BEST!!!..
I love my little baby girl & wish her many
more happy returns and fun years to come..

Thanks SO much for tuning in today..
Wishing you all a beautiful day..
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