*~ Would LOVE Feature You Here ~*
I am officially open to advertisement options and would love to hear from you to happily
discuss options of hosting YOUR AD’S HERE. Please feel free to contact me
at theartsygirlconnection(@)(gmail)(.com).

At this time, I am offering paid advertisement space for $7 for business or etsy shops
and blog buttons. I am also very much open to sponsor giveaway’s; product reviews
and giveaway’s; blog swaps and guest posting.
1. Giveaways.
I simply {heart} Giveaways! I would to sponsor any giveaways on my blog that
you have and would like for me to promote per my lovely friends here at The
ArtsyGirl Connection. My blog categories include, motherhood (family, children,
health, schooling), DIY crafts /recipes and Photography. These are the main topics
I will be focusing on for now and would LOVE for your giveaway to fit within these
specific ranges. I will gladly write up a post for the item in question and advertise it via
Facebook, Twitter and other popular giveaway sites around that I frequent. My
winner’s are usually generated via {Random.Org}. Advertisements
will be published on my side bar for a total of 25days.
2. Product Review
I am totally open to reviewing your products that fit within my blog criteria. I
would gladly send you all the information you need to send me the item in question to
take a look and check it out in-depth. My review’s will always be fair and positive and
sincere per my honest opinion. It’ll give you a chance to advertise your product, get
some feedback and 25 days of advertisement on my blog.
3. Blog Swap/Guest Posting.
I will LOVE to do a blog swap with YOU.. If you have a blog that fits into my blog
criteria’s and will be willing to swap at a set date with me, please email me and lets
TOTALLY figure out the in’s and out’s to have a lovely swap. I’m always willing and
LOVE to meet new bloggy friends. It’s also a great way to introduce myself and other’s
to new crafting idea’s, tutorials and much more. Email me and lets SWAP a day.
I am open most day’s in exception of Thursday’s on which I
host Pin Inspirational Thursday’s.

4. Guest Posting
I LOVE GUESTS!! I LOVE to host new blogger’s or blogger’s with crafty new
idea’s wanting to share to a new group or audience here always. Please contact me with
the feature you have in mind and a date you will like to possibly guest post on The
ArtsyGirl Connection and lets work out the details. Please be sure to include your
blog name and email address to contact you. Can’t wait to have you.. Really
look forward to mingling and sharing in LOTS of artsy blog shenanigans
with you all… Hope to hear from you soon! Thank You..
Marilyn (theartsygirlconnection (@)(gmail)(.com)
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