Moon Memoirs

Moon Memoirs

This is a page dedicated to my family.
Our everyday's, in's and out's and lil adventures
throughout the year. I have two lovely children
and engaged to my very best friend!! I'll feature fun 
stories, rants, memoirs, mile stones and more 
as we try to get through this crazy 
Oh so fun life of ours..
The Moon's<~Yes, that's really the family name..HA..

Myself & My Hubs To Be
My Two Lil Moon's

 My Beautiful Daughter Sia
Featured March 6th, 2011


Its The Little Moments That Make Life B I G ❤

Halloween This Year

Mr. Cool.. TJ. 

...........& ever so swiftly,
My silly little Sia is officially OFF FORMULA....
~Pieces Of 'My Little Moon Memoir's'

Featured Feb 19th, 2011
Today's Special Guest
~My Super Ace "CALEY"

I blog with Caley a lot, he loves to write and we keep 
up a page together. Although he's very private about the things he 
writes, he allows me to share a few now and then with special 
people in the family. Here's a note he 
wrote the other day about Sia turning ONE!! 

It touched me as all his writing in so many ways 
and hope it lights a smile in your heart... Enjoy...

the first year ~she's finally ONE!!!

A few weeks ago my baby sister turned one .It was simply like a dream.  
I couldn't believe she turned one.She was probably trying to say 
she was excited to hit single digits in so many way to the family that day
Alongside the whole family, I was very astonished as
 how quick the year flew by. 

She has continued to gain really cool abilities like how 
to walk. I have felt like a personal trainer a lot lately because 
I have been walking with her a lot and wasthe most successful in 
getting her to walk a long distance. 

When she pulled it off we both were amazed and so happy. 
Later we did awesome activities together like walking from the 
kitchen to our parents bedroom which wasn't exactly an accomplishment 
entirely but we got there half way. I was truly amazed not only 
she tuned one but that she was able to walk. She is  also starting to learn 
how to talk a whole lot. She tries to communicate when she needs or wants 
something by saying dada which is pretty cool in itself to hear, although
sahe does say more gibberish than a horse if she wants a cookie. I try a lot 
to figure out her speech but for now as my parents keepreminding me, 
she's simply one and we still have a long fun 
way to go. Hopefully soon (finger's crossed) 

I love how fun it is to watch her grow and I'm 
super excited about all the fun and laughter 
she's added on to our home. 

..................................Big Brother ~CALEY

Featured March 1st, 2011


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