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Lace Lust ..{Shabby Lace Vases}

Hello lovely friends stopping in this evening..
Hope your week has been marvelous so far, and you had an amazing 
labor day weekend! I've been addicted to lace lately and can't seem to get 
enough of it. From lace clothing, to lace pieces around the house (pillow's, 
etc) and now lace candle holders and shabby vases! It's lead me to this
new favorite household item I am super in love with.. 
DIY Lace Shabby Vase
...........{& Tea lights}
Jolie Lune is my Etsy store where these goodies are now available for sale
if you are interested (so please pardon my logo). These are super easy to create
if you have the time and great presents for any home warming, etc..
Items Needed
Piece Of Lace Fabric
Mason Jars
Spray Paint (Krylon Flat White)
.....& Maybe a coke and a smile at how easy this is to put together!
Lets Get Crafty
To begin, cut a piece of lace fabric fitting for your jar all the around.
Put the lace in place and seal the sides to stay on using a little piece of tape.
Once your far is ready, carefully spray paint it generously all around to satisfaction.
{I wouldn't recommend spraying it twice to avoid bulky / leaky paint}

Immediately remove lace about 3-5minutes after spraying to avoid sticking.
{even sooner if it's a really windy day, Krylon flat paint dries quicly}

Oooh, you were expecting another step right..? NOPE, that's IT! Let it
air dry and tadaaaaaaaaa... You've got a beautiful vase/tea light holder ready to use!
So shabby chic, vintage and simply beautiful!!
These are awesome tea lights as well. The light shines through the lace so
beautfully.. They'll add an amazing touch to any dinner table.. Very romantic 
and rather chic.. Hope you enjoyed my lovely little tutorial here today.

It's almost fall, catch some last minute deck/outdoor time before
old man winter sneaks in.. It's already cool here thus far this week.
These are also now available within my
for sale if anyone is interested.. 
....              .....
Thanks so much for joining me today... Wishing you an 
amazing evening..Off to link here for the week.. 

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